Pinnacle Token


Pinnacle Tokens (PINN) are being issued to raise capital to fund operations as well as startup opportunities. The token's revenue will be derived from fees collected for services performed for consulting and business development as well as asset management. Once our goal is reached, we will cease issuing coins and begin revenue allocated buyback of outstanding tokens on a monthly basis, and will continue until all coins have been repurchased.

Mining Partners Token


Mining Partners Tokens (MPT) are being issued to raise capital to fund the purchase of mining contracts to mine the most profitable altcoins. A portion of the proceeds from mining operations will be allocated towards the repurchase of tokens issued. Mining Partners Tokens (MPT) are not minable tokens and represent a finite count. Mining contracts have been pre-negotiated with a reputable hardware mining provider to achieve the most competitive prices available in the market today.

Equity Real Estate Investment Token


Equity Real Estate Investment Tokens (E-REIT) are being issued to raise capital to fund a company that seeks to own or manage income producing real estate (such as office buildings, shopping centers and apartment buildings) and lease the space to tenants in a range of property sectors around the world. By leasing space and collecting rent on its real estate, the company generates income to repurchase tokens on a monthly basis at market price, thereby reducing liquidity and driving up the market price of the token over time.



The Pinecoin project is a developer of green energy. The project operate solar arrays in the southern region of the U.S. to provide solar power to several crypto-mining operators. Portions of the revenue generated from operations is used to repurchase coins in circulation to be held in reserve for future projects as well as expansion of solar capacity.

Proof of Stake Pools Tokens


Proof of Stake Pools Tokens (POSP), is a token given as a bonus for staking pos coins in the Proof of Stake Pools website. A website that allows you to stake in a pool instead of staking pos coins in your private wallet. We optimize our wallets constantly so that a stake is received every 24 hours. Our wallets are extremely secure and protected from hackers. You don't need a personal computer or server that runs 24 hours a day, because we do that for you. POSP is the only staking pool website that pays you a bonus while you stake.

Hodl Staking Token


Hodl Staking Tokens (HOST) are tokens that multiply by staking when deposited and held by our master wallet. This not your normal staking coin in that it returns a constant 6% per month as long as your tokens remain in our master wallet. Tokens held in any other wallet will not earn staking rewards. This allows you to stake your tokens without the need to keep a wallet open 24/7 on your own device.