Focused on opportunities in cryptocurrency that provide stable returns

We offer a range of tokens that fund revenue generating projects. Grow your crypto portfolio with us.

About Us


Consulting / Project Development

We offer consulting to startups looking for direction and the tools to bring a vision to reality.

This is a new age of technology, and we provide development tools needed to bring ideas, products and systems into reality.  


Asset Management / Token Creation

Our team looks for opportunities that have profit potential to grow the value of our revenue backed token.
Projects are backed by tokens created to fund operations that grow in value as the revenue produced is allocated to repurchase tokens and grow operations to increase revenue capacity. 


Opportunity / Stable Returns

The Pinnacle Holdings Group offers everyone an opportunity to benefit from the growth of the Crypto world without and technical knowledge or investment of time.
By participating in our tokens you share in our growth. A portion of our revenue is allocated to repurchase tokens. This reduces tokens in circulation thereby increasing the price of remaining tokens held by investors.